Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bad news is no news

Ok, so "Missy" woke me up this morning an hour and a half before I had to be up because she couldn't stand to wait any longer for me to take the pregnancy test. So I did and it was negative. Now, we were slightly disappointed but not particularly, for a few reasons. First, the test is only, like, 50% effective or less when you test that early and it said something about waiting at least 19 days from the day you think you got pregnant and it has been... oh... 12. Second, I am supposed to be getting my period this coming Monday so really, if I do or if I don't, that will be a more accurate and dependable sign. I never miss. If I don't get it, we'll test again on Monday and then if it's still negative we'll wait a few more days and test again.

On the other hand, if I get my period next week, we'll call "Ron" and get the process started again. The first time we did it wasn't timed quite as well as it could have been since we did the insemination on the day I ovulated and afterward. From what I've read, it is best to do it on the days leading up to ovulation. So... if we do it again, we'll make sure that happens. Last time, some elements were out of our control. :)

Aren't you all so glad to be kept abreast of my ovulation cycles!?

Anyway, so far, nothing much to report. I'll post again on Monday with an update of the latest test or otherwise.


Steph said...

Hey there Susan!

Here's one question I'm dying to know...the logistics. I know that you and Missy live in a different town than Ron. I'm trying to think of a euphemistic way to ask this, but it's failing me, so I'll be blunt. How is Ron's semen being transported? Not only am I curious, but I bet there might be other couples out there interested in making babies, and the viability of semen is an important issue.

I'm sending you happy calming thoughts! Steph

Susan said...

We didn't transport the semen. We transported him. :) We paid for him to fly here around the time of my ovulation. Luckily he is able to work remotely or take time off of work to do this.

We did, briefly, look into transporting semen on dry ice or in a nitrogen tank. Apparently it can be done, but from the research I've done it can go wrong very easily and the sperm may all be dead by the time they reach you. (Even frozen it has to be used withing 24 hours.) It seemed like a lot of work with iffy results. We decided we would only take that route if we had no other choice.

Thanks for reading. :)