Monday, October 13, 2008

No babies yet

As you can tell from my title, there are no babies in my belly yet. I got my period yesterday morning, right on schedule so... that is a pretty clear sign.

We are disappointed of course, but we've been trying to keep our feet on the ground about this whole thing so we're not devastated or anything. The excruciating wait to find out pregnant or not pregnant is balanced by the fact that we don't have to wait long now to try again. Rob will be coming down again next week for a second try at insemination. I ovulate between 11-13 days after the first day of my period so that means Wednesday-Friday next week.

I think part of the reason it wasn't successful last time is because we weren't able to do the insemination until the day of the ovulation and since I don't know the exact time of ovulation it is possible we could have missed the window completely. This time we'll make sure he comes down early enough to get started before ovulation. Since the sperm can live up to 5 days inside my body, doing it earlier will give us better chances.

If the insemination doesn't take this time we'll be waiting until next August to try again. We're both anxious to finish our degrees and this is the last chance we'll have this year that won't interfere with school. I don't want to have to drop out of school for a semester and I want to have some time at home with the baby after it's first born. Thus... if it doesn't work this time, we'll take a little break from trying. So... sorry to all of you that are anxious for us to have babies, but we don't want to be poor for the rest of our lives and we want to be able to feed any baby we have... therefore, school/careers have to remain a high priority. This is the good thing about being gay going through this process, we have total control over planning our pregnancy. No mistakes here. :-)

Anyway, keep sending us fertile thoughts and wish us luck for attempt #2.

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