Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Beginning

As Missy stated in her blog, we went through with the first insemination last weekend using a very special martini glass :) and a syringe. The first time we did it was very intense. None of us knew what to expect... it's not like we've experienced anything like this before. And knowing that this small action could lead to a life was too much to really take in. Afterward, however, we all relaxed and each time we did it after the first was much easier. It is a pretty amazing thing to have a friend like R who is willing to give you this kind of gift. And I'm so glad we can share this with a friend who I know will be a part of our lives forever. Someone we can be totally open and honest with and who only has the best intentions. Of course, my wife isn't too bad either. :) Just kidding honey! You're going to be an amazing mom... and way more fun than I am. I don't know anyone else who could have done quite what you did for me for all those inseminations. ;D

Missy and I are both completely impatient to know if we're pregnant. I know there won't be any real signs for weeks but we already bought some pregnancy tests and can't wait until the first time we can try to test which should be this coming Thursday according to my cycle and counting 5 days before next expected period.

Every day I go back and forth on feeling like I'm pregnant or not. I hear from some reliable sources that I'll notice it in my breasts first. :) I've been charting my temperature for over a year now on and off so I'm pretty aware of my normal ranges. They say that after you conceive, your temperature starts to increase or at least stays at the heightened level from after ovulation. My temperature has been fluctuating up and down ever since my ovulation so I'm not sure what that means. It seems to correlate to how much sleep I get but I read that it can mean you conceived but your progesterone levels aren't high enough to support the pregnancy. So I've been taking wild yam along with my prenatals. Don't know if it's working or not. My sister told me I am not allowed to worry about it anymore. so...

If we are pregnant, I'll feel very blessed... and scared. If we're not, I'll be disappointed, but still hopeful because I know most women do not get pregnant the first time they try to.

Will write more as we learn more. I know many of our friends and family... and hairdressers :) are anxiously awaiting any news.

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